Resident Care and Services

Your services need to be designed and provided to allow the residents to increase or maintain independence.  They should teach and provide opportunities for the residents to increase their skills or to minimize natural decline in the ability to make wants and needs known.  The residents need the teaching and providing of opportunities to increase their abilities to get along with others and to strengthen personal relationships.

Staff should encourage and provide training for, as a part of the treatment plan, each resident to be responsible for the upkeep of his or her personal space and belongings.  This may include making their bed, dusting, sweeping, doing their own laundry, any additional household chores that may be assigned, meal preparation, etc.  Try a general “home chore schedule” and don’t forget to provide training in dressing, grooming, bathing, and eating as needed.  Note: These areas should be included in the resident’s ISP.

Residents should be allowed to set and meet goals improving their sense of self-confidence and self worth.  Further, residents should be encouraged to develop and/or maintain a meaningful level of community participation, as well as maintaining or improving on their level of independent functioning consistent with their individual abilities.

You should incorporate programs into an environment that provides for the integration of diverse physical, mental, social, and emotional expression.  Staff should teach and provide opportunities to increase the residents’ skills in grooming, hygiene, meal preparation, housekeeping tasks, budgeting, enhancement of social interaction abilities, counseling, community awareness experiences, medication management and symptom management, and evaluation.

Don’t forget to include all areas in the resident’s ISP and create attainable goals for them to achieve!