HIPAA Requirements

Did you know that you, as an assisted living facility, must follow HIPAA regulations and requirements? Many facilities assume they do not have to worry about HIPAA… but YOU DO.  The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, also known as HIPAA, details what what you must do, as a healthcare agency, to comply with the law.  According to HIPAA, you must protect the following information:

  • Any information that identifies or could potentially identify a resident
  • Any information regarding the provision of healthcare
  • Any information regarding resident payments
  • Any information regarding a resident’s past, present, or future health conditions

Although, in the past, assisted living providers did not necessarily need to comply with HIPAA regulations, you are now considered a covered entity.  Even if your company, for some reason, does not qualify as HIPAA compliant-necessary, you should still cover your bases; it’s just a smart thing to do.  You are responsible for protecting your residents’ health information.  According to HIPAA, everyone in your facility (employees and volunteers, alike) may be held accountable for their actions if they breach or violate HIPAA, which could include serious criminal and civil penalties.

A HIPAA/Confidentiality online class will be coming soon to ALT Services!  Stay tuned!