Employee Registry

I have a lot of employers ask me to find whether or not their employees are on the registry and often complain about the difficulty of actualy locating the information.

Well, UW Oshkosh in conjunction with the DHS, are testing a new search method for the CBRF Employee Registry. This is an online search, which will allow you to bring up one employee record at a time. They are keeping both search methods available for the next few months. The search method will be updated once a week during the testing phase. They encourage you to try this new method of searching and let them know what you think.

You may access the new search by going to http://www.uwosh.edu/ccdet/CBRF/employee_registry.htm and then clicking on Click to Search Records.  I’ve tried it myself and find that it works great!  I definitely find it helpful.  I hope you will try it for yourself!