Resident Care

Staff are required to undergo orientation and training in specific areas… certifications and/or proof of training must be kept in the employee’s file.  Below are the requirements for staff training: Orientation (prior to performing any job duties) Job responsibilities Abuse, Neglect, and Misappropriation (prevention and reporting) Info regarding individual services Emergency and disaster planning and […] Read more

Program Statements are an important part of your facility, resident care, and even for care teams. Even though they’re required by DHS 83 (and DHS 88), it is a wonderful opportunity to “show off” your assets and services in addition to proving your commitment to quality care.  The content should, at a minimum, include: Staffing […] Read more

Your services need to be designed and provided to allow the residents to increase or maintain independence.  They should teach and provide opportunities for the residents to increase their skills or to minimize natural decline in the ability to make wants and needs known.  The residents need the teaching and providing of opportunities to increase […] Read more