Medication Administration

Prescribing, Labeling, Packaging, and Storage Must be a written practitioner’s order for EACH prescription medication, OTC medication, PRN medication, and dietary supplements. Must be maintain in their file at all times. Medications for internal consumption and medications for external application must be separated. If unable to do so, putting the external application medications in a […] Read more

All too often, facilities do not understand the importance of monitoring and documenting the use of PRN psychotropic medications.  I am often asked, what constitutes a psychotropic medication? What is the difference between an antipsychotic and a psychotropic medication?  A psychotropic medication is any medication prescribed to treat a psychiatric disorder, a medication capable of […] Read more

Did you know??  Every year, the CBRF must have a physician, pharmacist, or registered nurse conduct an on-site review of the medication administration and medication storage systems.  The purpose of this is to ensure the effectiveness of the entire medication administration system.  Many of the facilities I do consulting for forget this vital part of […] Read more