Emergency Plans

Knowing there are individuals with disabilities or limitations living in your facility, it is imperative that life safety protocols are in place.  It is crucial that staff and residents are properly trained on processes and procedures emergency planning.  The better trained they are, the more effective they will be in an emergency. Emergency preparedness begins […] Read More

I always recommend facilities create at least four Policies & Procedures (or handbooks) to make available to all staff/caregivers and administration.  Medication Management and Administration policies are especially important because it’s a serious and big responsibility. Topics should include, but are not limited to: Practitioner’s Orders Medication Packaging Reordering Medications Process Medication Storage Medication Documentation […] Read More

Did you know?  Each facility must have an emergency plan in place that covers not just fire emergencies, but ALL emergencies.  Many facilities that I consult with are oblivious to this requirement.  Not only is it often required by some funding (and paying) counties, it is also a State requirement.  Your facility’s emergency plan must […] Read More